Web Application Firewall Problem in wordpress

Hullo, viewers, I can know this problem you are facing is very irritating due to which you can not update or publish a new post in this I am going to tell you the solution to sort out this.

Actually I personally face this problem since 3 days I search a lot on the internet in blogs as well as I also search in youtube too for this solution but I did not get the exit answer as required by me so I decided to connect my hosting server from which I bought this domain they said that disable all your plugins and then activate one by one I also did it and it wastes a lot of my time but the problem did not solve I am showing the problem picture and email from my hosting server.


Email From My hosting server:

Dear Mr. Muhammad,

This may have caused by one of the plugins you have on your word press site if you happen to know how to disable all of your plugins I would advise doing so. This is so we can isolate the issue. If you are not too sure on what to do, you can provide us the username and password of your word press website so I can replicate the issue you are having. 

My colleagues and I will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your Hosting products. You can reach me by phone, e-mail or chat. You will find my contact details under https://my.ionos.com.


HAHA! they said give me your password, as well as user name, is this a joke?


You have to connect yourself from another country I mean you have to download the VPN.

I personally use setup VPN in chrome which is best if you are blocked from your school/college server it can help you in this regard. Its the only problem with your ISP(Internet Service Provider) so it’s the best solution to this problem.